The IMID Study:

Understanding the effects of stress, anxiety, depression & chronic disease

For the years 2014-2019 our group got a CIHR grant for $2.5 million to study psychiatric comorbidity in persons with chronic immune mediated diseases. The 3 diseases we focused on have been IBD, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. We enrolled approximately 1000 persons with any of IBD (we enrolled 254 persons), rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis or with depression and/or anxiety and no chronic immune diseases. We have been exploring the extent to which depression and/or anxiety affect persons with chronic immune disease; the types of treatment for depression and anxiety that have been studied specifically in persons with chronic immune diseases; the optimal survey tools to use to identify when depression and anxiety are present; the impact a diagnosis of depression or anxiety has on persons with a chronic immune disease. We have a large team including experts in neurology (Ruth Ann Marrie, MD, the nominated principle investigator), rheumatology (Carol Hitchon MD), psychiatry (Murray Enns, MD, Jitender Sareen, MD, James Bolton, MD, Scott Patten, MD), Clinical Psychology (Lesley Graff, PhD, John Walker, PhD, Renee El Gabalawy, PhD, John Fisk, PhD), Statistics (Lisa Lix, PhD, Randy Walld, PhD) and Family Practice (Alex Singer, MD, Alan Katz, MD).


We hosted an online results and information session for the Psychiatric comorbidity in Chronic Immunoinflammatory Disease (IMID) study on November 12, 2020. To watch the presentations by participating researchers, please visit our IMID Webinar page.

For more information on publications, please visit our Mental Health & Chronic Immune Disease page.