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Current Research //

There are four categories of research studies at the IBD Clinical and Research Centre (1) Clinical treatment trials, (2) Patient participation studies (3) Epidemiological studies, and (4) Gut-Microbiome research. Persons interested in participating in research can participate in either clinical treatment trials or patient participation studies (which are sometimes a blend of patient participation and epidemiological). Since 1996, our centre has participated in many national and international clinical treatment trials for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Additionally, we conduct patient participation studies (these projects do not involve medications). The purpose of this type of research is to gain an understanding and the advancement of scientific knowledge of various aspects of IBD (e.g., The Bone Density project to determine with IBD are at a higher risk of fractures than the general population.).

More Information //

​​​​​(1) Clinical Treatment Trials

For more information about participating in our clinical drug trials please click here or;

Contact members of our research team:

Study Coordinator: Melony Ivekovic at (204)787-2060

Study Coordinator: Diane McAlpine at (204)787-1643


(2) Patient Participation Studies

For more information about participating in our patient participation studies please click here or;

Contact members of our research team:

Study Coordinator: Terri Jeanson at (204)787-4701

Study Coordinator: Gia Ly Jackson at (204)787-4799


(3) Epidemiological Studies

The University of Manitoba Epidemiology Research Registry: If anyone living in Manitoba with a diagnosis of IBD (Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis) is willing to be enrolled in our Research Registry and has not previously enrolled, please call Terri Jeanson at (204)787-4701. If your initial call is not answered, please leave a message (including your best day-time phone number) and your call will be returned. Collect calls are accepted. For more information on epidemiological studies please click here.

Currently, we are conducting our own University of Manitoba IBD Epidemiology Database (UMIBDED) related research on various outcomes from drug utilization, assessment of health care utilization, economics of managing IBD, cancer and other comorbid conditions, and exploratory studies on disease causes.

The IBD Clinical and Research Centre is also in collaboration with CANGiec - a national consortium of investigators from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia exploring epidemiology patterns of IBD in Canada. For more information on CANGiec please click here.

(4) Gut-Microbiome Studies

Currently the IBD Clinical and Research Centre is undertaking studies led by Dr Heather Armstrong on the impact of diet and especially fibers on the gut microbiome and disease outcomes. For further information, contact Terri Jeanson at

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