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Seeking Patient Advisers to Inform the Development of a Comprehensive Clinic for the Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

The University of Manitoba’s Gastroenterology department is seeking people with lived experience of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) ― both active and inactive and from newly diagnosed to having lived with IBD for many years ― to join a Patient Advisory Group that will help inform the development of a comprehensive clinic for the management of IBD.

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What is the Patient Advisory Group?

The Patient Advisory Group will help to inform the development, design, services, resources, and ongoing processes of a comprehensive outpatient clinic for the management of IBD. The Group will be engaged in identifying barriers and facilitators to current IBD care; identifying what types of services, supports and resources they would be looking for in a comprehensive outpatient clinic for the management of IBD; helping to co-develop potential educational materials, services and resources for people living with IBD; and looking at how best to evaluate the success of a clinic for the management of IBD.

Patient Advisor Position

As a Patient Advisor your role will be to:

  • Bring your own unique perspectives and insights to discussions and strategic decision-making as a person with lived experience of inflammatory bowel disease and healthcare service-user in Manitoba

  • Bring the patient/community lens to discussions and decisions, raising questions and concerns that take diverse needs into consideration

  • Actively collaborate in shared decision-making, helping to shape the design and development of a comprehensive outpatient clinic for the management of IBD

Time Commitment:

  • The Patient Advisory Group will meet three (3) times a year for two (2) years in: October, January and May.

  • Each meeting runs for approximately 2 hours.

  • The agenda and other supporting documents will be sent out at least two (2) weeks before each meeting. You will be asked to review these materials in advance of the meeting and you will be able to suggest agenda items as well.

  • We ask for a minimum two (2) year term commitment but are willing to work with you to make sure you feel this position is a good fit.

We are seeking Patient/Public Advisors who will be responsible for:

  • Attending all Patient Advisory Group meetings (a total of six in two years)

  • Reviewing materials prior to meetings

  • Providing the perspective of a Manitoban living with IBD

  • Declaring potential conflicts of interest in advance

Competencies we are seeking include:

  • An open mind, intellectual curiosity, respect for the opinion of others

  • Critical self-awareness, ability to take personal experience and place in larger social and political context

  • An understanding of, or a willingness to learn how advisory groups work in order to govern well

  • An interest in health systems improvement

  • The ability to plan strategically and work collectively

  • The ability to review strategic documents and provide personal insight and input

  • The ability to network with community

  • The ability to follow trends and happenings in health care systems and reflect on these in the context of the work of the establishment of a clinic

  • Knowledge/representative of diverse communities – exhibited competencies of principles of equity, diversity and inclusion

  • Sensitive to the needs and perspectives of people who may be facing multiple barriers to health care including poverty, racism, sexism, homophobia, colonialism, ableism, etc.

  • Previous committee advisory group involvement/leadership/team work is an asset

  • Have knowledge about a diversity of patient perspectives around inflammatory bowel disease

  • Demonstrated interest in improving the health care system, especially with regard to the incorporation of patients’ experiences, perspectives and values

  • Able to work with a large group of diverse viewpoints and backgrounds to share your insights and perspectives

  • Be the voice for other patients living with IBD

  • Have a demonstrated sense of community and volunteerism

  • Some knowledge about the challenges and opportunities facing health care in Manitoba

Benefits to Becoming a Patient Advisor:

Some benefits of being a member of the Patient Advisory Council include:

  • Experience on an Advisory Group

  • Opportunity to have a say in the development of a comprehensive outpatient clinic for the management of IBD

  • Opportunities for further training, workshops and other skill-building sessions

  • Letter of reference, provided upon request.


An honorarium will be provided for attendance to all Patient Advisory Group meetings. Additionally, transportation and any caregiving costs incurred will be covered.

If this opportunity interests you, please fill out and send the application form (below) by August 30th, 2019 at 5:00 PM. Any questions or concerns can be directed to: Ogai at

To access the ONLINE APPLICATION, please click the link HERE